Sunday, 4 September 2011

♥ buttercup cake shop ♥

it's cupcakes time!

went to Westfield the other day
and cuz I'm hungry [and I saw buttercup cupcake store just RIGHT THERE!]
so I've decided to treat myself a cupcake!

Mine's Pistachio Flavour
nom nom

the icing was incredibly sweet I gotta say
[even though I have a sweet tooth]
so...I removed all the icing on the top
[sorry icing lovers!]
but the cake itself was yummy♥

was chatting with the cupcake sales girl Lisa there
she was very nice and she gave me another free cupcake!
[then ended up exchanging our phone no. haha]

I don't live in London so if anyone wants to get their cupcakes 
just visit their website to check their locations :)

P.S. that's the free cupcake I've got! lovely too but I've no idea what the flavour is teehee =P

enjoy peeps

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