Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Summer/ Autumn♥

hey peeps, how ya all been doin?
it's boiling here in uk [except today cuz it's rainin! cool off the heat yeaaaah...=P]
okay...I'm goin to write quite a long post tdy so be patient =]

the A/W 11 trends have landed!
although it's still 'summer' now bt I'm startin to invest in some new stable pieces to my wardrobe
...muahaha XD

did some research from the mags & sites and am lovin the 'tomboy' trend [a la Paul Smith]♥

*photo taken from Glamour magazine August issue*

also love this dress from DKNY
Alexa Chung wore a similar dress seen at Elle Magazine [forgot which issue ><]

definately getting the Miss Selfridge version!
waiting for it to go on rack/ online wuw♥♥♥


bought a blazer from Zara!!! =D ♥
but duhh...gotta wait till the weather turns a bit cold to wear it =[

*Zara Double-Breated Blazer £49.99*

went to London on 1/8 (Mon) with mi babe Janice
had a really nice day and it's boiling! 
gotta take off my COS shirt and change into the COS dress I bought for my birthday hehe♥
 places we went: M&Ms world [Leicester Square]/ Covent Garden/ Chinatown & Harrods

*M&Ms Peanut Chocos♥*

*Me in Covent Garden H&M Fitting Room* 
*Sheer Blouse £14.99 & 3D Flower Skirt £10.00 (On Sale)*
[I didn't buy anything from H&M, spent too much=P]

*COS Jersey Dress £45.00*

love the simplicity of the dress
I'll team it with a pair of Heeled Ankle Boot...hmm...sourcing sourcing*
♥♥COS quality is always amazing, love you♥♥
wish there's a COS store in Oxford though =[
that also means my purse will be...err...y' know? 

well, bagged 2 bargains today hehe^^
red stripy espadrille from Primark for only £1 [although the price tag says £3]!
yea...need some new flat shoes cuz all my ballet pumps have holes and it soaks EVERYTIME when it rains [e.g. today T___T huhhh...cold feet shiverrrrr*]
seems like I need to reheel and resole my shoes otherwise I'll need to get some new ones again

*Primark Red Stripe Espadrille £1*

I must say these espadrille is really comfy though, totally worth the price!
there's a range of colours to choose from, lovely♥
also love the navy stripe too
imma stripe-holic XP

*ZARA Studded Strappy Sandal £19.99 (On Sale)*

I'm a bit confused about the price of this sandal cuz on the price tag it says the original price was £39.99
but on their website it's a non-sale item which is £19.99@@
a well
I'm gona wear them on my birthday^^

okay, I'm gona get bk to work now!
have a nice summer peeps

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