Tuesday, 9 August 2011


it's my 20th birthday yesterday
(yes........the 2-0-th........sob*)
so I've decided to go to London with my parents wuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuu^^
London here I come!
(gona re-celebrate mi buffday with my frens someday hehe)

we went to Westfield/ Covent Garden & Chinatown
I love visiting vintage markets (especially Portobello!) cuz you'll never know what lovely stuff you can get
*love surprises hehe*
went to Jubilee Market @ Covent Garden and I found this really cute French Rose Porcelain=D

looks well with the Egg Case I bought from V&A rite?
I'm deeply in love with the 3 apps for editing picX!
Pudding Camera
(Pudding C is in Korean so I just click on the symbols I know, gotta experience something 'new' rite? XP)
Vignette Demo

then we went to Chinatown 
(cuz mi Papa wants to get a hair cut~)
was a bit curious when we saw a crowd surrounding a stall...then Ohhh~~~
try to guess what I saw!
and...what I've got teeheee


I've got my Chinese name 'written'!
they also do English alphabets and all sorts of drawings
(e.g. like mine-Chinese Peonies/ Dragon/ Phoenix/ Gold Fish/ Other flowers & plants etc)
you can also choose any colour or just basicly, anything you want!
I want mine in Pink/ Purple & Blue...a(nd the oldman next to me said mine's not nice...the other one's nicer...)
here's the close ups!

the letter above is my Chinese surname 黄(Huang) and the two below is my name 睿荋(Rui Er)

miss Malaysian food so much so I wanted to have our din at Rasa Sayang@Chinatown
craving once they food came so...forgot to take pics!
and we also had Waffle+Gelato at Scoop (Covent Garden) before we head to Chinatown
they don't hv macaroons =[

mi Papa had a plain Waffle so no pic taken wahaha! XD
I had Waffle with two scoops of Ananas (Pineapple) & Green Tea flavour Gelato

bought a pair of black tights from COS

before we go back, we went to Ming Ban to get some snacks

my beloved Pocky (or Pepero) in Matcha flavour

the snack on the right is made by Hawthorn 
it's one of my childhood snacks
sometimes it's not just the taste that you miss, it's the memories that it gives you
even my parents have eaten this Hawthorn snack when they're still a kid!
we have no idea how many years this lil snack has been around for

I wore fake eyelashes but just on the end bit cuz it's too tiring to wear the whole pair=P
and didn't wear any contacts, still haven't get used to it =[
dyed my hair tho!
it's Pure Brown (50) from L'Oreal Paris Sublime Mousse
trying to dye my hair darker now...I don't really want to dye my hair, it's not good =[
(who asks me to have grey hair since I'm 15? *sob)

Yay~My hair looks dark here^^

I want my face to be less chubby:(
preferably like the one above wakaka!!!

Bye Bye London

Have a nice holiday peeps

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