Monday, 11 July 2011

Summery Sunday

it's Sunday today and I've got my wages yesterday wuw!
 [actually Monday already cuz it's over 12 o'clock!]

as you guys know I've been busy working these days
the same routine happens to ppl who're at work rite?

wake up
'clean' yourself
dress up
eat breakfast
go to work

have lunch breaks
finish work

go home

then we repeat the same routine year after year until we retire 
of course we'll do lots of meaningful thing during those years!

went to aunty Margaret's house today
took a few shots at her house's front garden
beautiful roses

that's grape vines and they were able to make 13 bottles of wine out of the grapes there last year!
mmm...why can't I drink.../_\

weather's nice and sunny today and...hopefully it'll stay like this for the rest of the summer
but weather in UK's really 'unpredictable' so...
good luck LOL

a pic of myself wearing H&M Beige Cami :)


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