Friday, 1 July 2011



have a clue of what it is?
*hint: Hermes* 

It's a bag
a Tote bag with Hermes bag image on's not a 'fake' Hermes bag

they're made in Taiwan and look at the cue!
people CRAVE for the banane totes and they often sold out as they are very popular in Asia at the moment
[and getting more popular around the world too...]
you can also find them at London Fashion Week [with Jasper Garvida]
**isn't that amazing?**

the BANANA Company has launched new colours out this Rabbit New Year
and one of my favourrrrrrrite colour is French Honey Camel

BANANE French Honey Camel (蜂窩黃) NT$1480 = £32 

I've ordered this bag and the p&ps costs £12 to the UK
can't wait!!! =D
you can also find them on eBay or other websites too

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  1. so amazing where da hell is this store dear?