Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Isn't that sweet?♥

TOPSHOP Multi Daisy Triple Collar Top
this top is so sweeeeet!♥
look at the collar, isn't it adorable!?

 print is not 'really' my cup of tea 
so I'd buy it if it's plain =P
also with sheer kind of fabric!

talking about sheer fabric...
I bought a Cream Chiffon Ruffle Top today from Miss Selfridge...
was £30 and I've got 10% student discount so it's £27...
SIN!!! ><

feel so bad everytime I bought something =[
but...also happy too cuz of the satisfaction it gave me...=[

went to Caffe Nero today with Clare
so hungry so I bought a Portugese Tart [another fav!!!] and Hot Chocolate with Cream♥
and Clare's having Chai Latte♥

luckily I'm not going to town again tomorrow!
going to be busy during the weekend...

friday: Talent Rocks Fashion Show
saturday: Work
sunday: College work
monday: Back to college and start our Static Display!

it's dinner time now