Monday, 27 June 2011

end. began.

finished college now :D
miss my friends :(

finally everything's's been 2 years already!
time flies by
now it's time for the next stage, uni
unfortunately I'm taking a gap year but I'm still looking forward to uni
can't wait!!!

so now...
I'm going to help my parents out at the takeaway 
[seems like lots of chinese has some kind of 'relationship' with takeaways LOL]
then I can earn some £££ MUAHAHA =P

I've been really happy lately becuz of my result...
***yes!!! I've got my results already!!!***
I couldn't ask for more as it were better than I thought :D
so glad I didn't let my parents/ brother/ grandma/ grandpa/ etc... down
weeheeeeeeee :D

then mi ma took my to the hairdresser and got my hair cut
at first I was just going to trim my hair then I just thought, why not give it a try [the fringe =P]
and so, here's the outcome!
*don't laugh*

went to Westfiled@London the other day
COS is my first stop, weeeee :D

collected a few in my wardrobe...
classic navy/white, grey/white, navy/beige, pop colours, black/white...
and more coming! XP

I love this one from COS but...I didn't buy it :(
***but one day I will...I will!!!***
GOGO PHILIPS also have half price sale there [opposite UniQlo] and I've bagged a bargain! :D

GOGO PHILIP Vintage Bijoux Pearl Necklace £4.50

my skin's been really dry lately cuz I didn't use toner/ eye cream for a while...:(
to save my skin, I've bought Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Face Tonic

BOBBI BROWN Hydrating Face Tonic £19

been using it for about a week or so and my skin's been less sensitive and dry!
I also  LA ROCHE-POSAY's skincare cuz it's targeted on sensitive skin and really soothes it :D
hope my skin will be less sensitive in the future 
maybe LA ROCHE-POSAY's the One? >_<

now I've gotta save £££ my Topshop debt...other expenses...etc etc
then I can start shopping muahaha XD

miss you Lindsey, Clare & Bee :)
photos taken from OCVC Static Display: Fashion Show

have a nice summer holiday peeps

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