Sunday, 8 May 2011

Updates Updates

right...time for an update since umm February? LOL
lots of things goin on these 3 months
and starting to get busy now cuz of our Final Major Project! =D

16 days until Catwalk!!! 

anyway...been out to town tdy and bought stuff that I wasn't expected to get [LOL~] =P

Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean

finally it's on sale otherwise I wouldn't have bought it teeheee
only £15.31

also Barry M Nail Varnish and cotton pad from BOOTS...
a dress from ZARA for £26.99!

ZARA V-Neck Dress

I know I'm a total ZARA-holic [and I'm quite happy about that hehe]
as scallop shorts are kind of back-on-trend now, I've been able to finally find one that I like!
and of course I bought it too >__<

TOPSHOP Red Scallop Hem Shorts

righty, enough for clothes and time for food...
♥ Operetta from M&S

and in there...yummy!!!

also some cookies~~~
but they're not for me unfortunately=[

lastly, Happy Summer!
and to the strawberries too ^^

Wish everyone'll have a big bright future too!♥

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