Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I got my phone! The Xperia Arc muahaha
so happy lol

finished all my garments and accessories for the Final Catwalk Show and now it's half term!
a week off and back to college next week!
still haven't receive all the photos from the catwalk yet, wonder what the photographers doing with em...
Can't wait to see them!!!

this week's quite busy too although it's half term...
needs to take photos of my collection/ prepare for the static display/ sketchbook work/ illustration!!!
also...for the Talent Rocks Fashion Show!!! 
can't believe I've been scouted, so happy =D

just went to the fitting rehearsal yesterday
was raining and freeezingggg....but the Apple Cake and Hot Chocolate with Cream & Marshmallow saved my day [from Greens Cafe]!

luckily, the weather's been good today!
went to town again cuz the shops were already closed by the time we finished yesterday PLUS it's bank holiday 
me & Clare went to Christ Church and here are some photos taken today =]

florist at Covered Market@Oxford

 our snacks whilst@Christ Church

 Clare =]

it's gone bit chilly after so...Miss Selfirdge next! =P
shopping spree hehe

I saw the cat again today! Our neighbourhood cat teehee
it's so friendly and just can't resist to play with him/her? everytime=D

it's next to my leg ><

acting cool there eh, mate?

 having some banana crisps, so cute =P

also took some photos of flowers whilst walking back home

gorgeous roses
still, my favourite flower of all are Peony and Gypsophila =D

Happy Holiday!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Xperia Arc

How come all the phones I wanted [so badly] always out of stock!?
before they even arrive at the stores...

it's Sony Ericsson Xperia neo
was due to come out early April and ended up 'expected in July'...

K...I'm getting Xperia Arc now
selected the tariff/ network I wanted and...sorry out of stock again cuz of the Tsunami :(
so there'd be 'LONG TERM' problem with the stock of this handset
SOB!!! ;(

Pray for the people in Japan
Wish they'll get well & happy soon and awake from the nightmares

sometimes I'm just wondering what people were thinking...
how could they laughed on top of someone's pain
wish they realize what they 'actually' did and regret about it for the rest of their life

enough for the moaning and let's have a peek my wish list top listers!

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

Sony Ericsson Xperia neo

and back to college tomorrow...have a nice school/ college/ uni/ work/ etc day =]

Updates Updates

right...time for an update since umm February? LOL
lots of things goin on these 3 months
and starting to get busy now cuz of our Final Major Project! =D

16 days until Catwalk!!! 

anyway...been out to town tdy and bought stuff that I wasn't expected to get [LOL~] =P

Oral-B Vitality Dual Clean

finally it's on sale otherwise I wouldn't have bought it teeheee
only £15.31

also Barry M Nail Varnish and cotton pad from BOOTS...
a dress from ZARA for £26.99!

ZARA V-Neck Dress

I know I'm a total ZARA-holic [and I'm quite happy about that hehe]
as scallop shorts are kind of back-on-trend now, I've been able to finally find one that I like!
and of course I bought it too >__<

TOPSHOP Red Scallop Hem Shorts

righty, enough for clothes and time for food...
♥ Operetta from M&S

and in there...yummy!!!

also some cookies~~~
but they're not for me unfortunately=[

lastly, Happy Summer!
and to the strawberries too ^^

Wish everyone'll have a big bright future too!♥