Monday, 21 February 2011

newbie Jo here

well...what shall I say, hmm...I guess I'll just hv to introduce myself cuz tat's wt u do when u first met ppl, rite? =P

I'm Joan~ [hey peeps =P~~~] and I'm from KL, Malaysia. Been livin in Oxford, UK since 2003 to study and I'm goin to uni in Sept this year!! Hope I can get into London College of Fashion...*praying...actually LCF is my only hope [prob, I guess lol] cuz been rejected by two unis...not gona tell u guys the name of the uni, let's jz keep it secret...*ouch...why? I've no idea and cnt b bothered to contact them jz for the reason why cuz they're nt goin to offer me anyway after tat~ so why bother? Let's get bk to the main point, sorrrrryyyyyyyy~~~~

and yeah...I'm chinese, a MBC [Malaysian Born Chinese]. In England, ppl always get confused bout my identity...they would ask 'are you chinese? japanese? or korean? or...???' OR when u tell them you're from Malaysia, they're like:
A: ok, so you're malaysian 
me: yes, but also chinese
A: ...but u jz said ur malaysian?
me: yea, malaysian chinese [lol]
A: so you're malay? [or 马来妹-by wt most HK ppl called us lol]
me: ...I'm not malay or 马来妹!!! I'm jz chinese tats born in malaysia, like BBC [British Born Chinese]. got it?
A: yea!
me: [finally =D]

No offence here I hv to say! =P I actually feel quite funny about tat lol~ makes me feel bit special at some point...soz, I knw I'm a bit narcissism...and I'm so proud too when ppl said tat malaysians can speak lots of diff languages>< HOORAY~~~=D
Anyway...jz some genereal info here bout myself =]
I hv an older bro, he's workin at malaysia nw...leavin me by myself here nd noone will play PS with me anymore, sob* =[ I miss him so much...nd my grandparents too [my mother's side]!! I hvnt seen them since 2005 [gosh, tat's bloody 6 years nw...!!]...cnt go bk YET due to our credentials cuz it's nt done yet blah-di-blah...I'd go crazy soon if I didnt go bk!! In fact, I AM crazy already =[ =[ =[ Miss my primary school frens so much, some I hvnt seen since 2003!! So Sorry, miss u guys...*sob
huh...tat's a long intro...mainly jz bullshittin ><

well, nice to meet u guys and hv a nice day! 
J xxx

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