Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Tuesday today. 
went to town wif mi ma to shop nd had din at Angrid Thai@Gloucester Green~ 
mum ordered Green Curry Chicken Fried Rice nd I had Thai Spicy Fried Noodle, so hot nice
nd it's cheap too compared to other restaurants, it's only £13.xx for us two. normally it would costs min £10 each.

after din, I went to meet Clare@Eagle & Child pub also her beloved fiance Gerome & Gerome's son Josh [
hope I got the names rite=P]
after couples of drinks we left nd I went to Clares~ watched Notting Hill nd ♥ it! 
Miss Portobello Market!!! Such a lovely place~
Wish I could live there><
watched some reli funny vids@youtube, oh dear...we had a gd laugh nd clares daddy treated us some toast wif cheese nd sum salad, yum~ 
oh, nd some reli nice tea called Redbush
nd finished readin my 梦回大清 [meng hui da qing] novel bfore went to bed =]
what a lovely day

got up quite early tdy, whayyyyyy then went to town wif clarey~~~
then to Boots and bank...
OMG...I hate HSBC. Seriously.
put some £££ in and check the balance...WTF!? WHERE'S THE £££ GONE!!!???
went to customer service nd oh yea, they charged me £50 for bloody 'Pre-notified fee & charges'...............@#!"$%^$%*.....
tat's why I hate 'em. they jz randomly charge ppl £ for stupid stuff-___- so I had to ring em URGHHH


then went to TOPSHOP nd bought a Light Pink Tiered Peterpan Collar Blouse. ♥ it.
also applied for a TOPSHOP card plus 10% student discount! all I need to do is jz pay off the minimum amount end of each month so hooray~don't hv to pay it immediately =D

remember the promise we made Sylvia?
get each other clothes tat u think will suits em so I'm goin to bring u to TOPSHOP's flagship store in London dear

met Clare then off to Zara [most of my clothes are from Zara, LOVE EM!!!♥]
didn't get anythin tho bt saw a reli nice heels from Trafaluc for jz £9.99 =D
course, I didn't get it nd nor do Clare =[

Time to go home


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