Saturday, 26 February 2011

I've finally found you!

I've found it!
the Scallop Shorts♥
took me quite a while to find these might be the wrong colour/ style or they dont have my size =[

been bored whilst waiting for the movie to load so I've decided to have a peek at
and baby I've found YOU♥
not one...but TWO!

and here comes the first!

♥ASOS Scallop Hem Shorts♥
♥Colour: Mink Pink♥

but guess what...
my size is not's sold out!!!
and I love this colour too as most of my clothes are quite plain in colour 
oh god PLEASE...get some new stocks in!!!

♥ASOS Nishe Scalloped Hem High Waist Button Short♥
♥Colour: Grey♥

this is adorable too but...I wish they have another colour
or like the one above =[ can I not notice the short above before!?
so depressed...
ups & downs


Boring Friday?

usual boring friday routine
wake up
have dinner


back from work
have supper
then check email...facebook...listening to musics...updating on topshop/ zara etc + have some snacks*
go to bed

here's my lil delight of the day♥
Vogue & Madeleine & Redbush Tea

would be perfect too if it's with [my beloved] macarons

or these lovely Laduree ones...mmm...


I'm going out tomorrow!
not working of course wahaha
looking forward looking forward♥

listening to Namie Amuro's new song atm
Wonder Woman 
Namie Amuro feat. Ai and Anna Tsuchiya

hope you enjoy♥

Friday, 25 February 2011

Guilty Pleasure♥

went home shopping with mi ma after din and that's when it begins...

Bonne Maman La Madeleine

I adore cakes/ tarts/ puddings or any sorts of desserts
they're my HEAVEN
looking at them makes you smile, from the bottom of your heart
or maybe, at least once in your life perhaps?

who could resist them?

♥Gu Chocolate Torte

love the richness of this torte
could Love be the same too?
embrace the fat for once eh, it's just a guilty pleasure. My pleasure =D
[or maybe at least once =P]


the adorable miss Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
how sexy is the cover, love the red romantic and ambiguous
and guilt is...the price! 
should have subscribe it but I hate direct debit so I'll just leave it...need to save up my money /.\
cheers mum!

and feeling more guilty cuz...I want to shop again DAMN*
my will power is crap

my wishlist always changes
whenever I saw something new that I like, it'll stuck in my mind
ohhhhh dearrr
and here's one of them...

TOPSHOP P:OS Frill Teddy

so cute!!! I love neutral colours
perfect for summer and suitable for petites too 
*oh me too, please please please><*

I love you Topshop & Zara

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Tuesday today. 
went to town wif mi ma to shop nd had din at Angrid Thai@Gloucester Green~ 
mum ordered Green Curry Chicken Fried Rice nd I had Thai Spicy Fried Noodle, so hot nice
nd it's cheap too compared to other restaurants, it's only £13.xx for us two. normally it would costs min £10 each.

after din, I went to meet Clare@Eagle & Child pub also her beloved fiance Gerome & Gerome's son Josh [
hope I got the names rite=P]
after couples of drinks we left nd I went to Clares~ watched Notting Hill nd ♥ it! 
Miss Portobello Market!!! Such a lovely place~
Wish I could live there><
watched some reli funny vids@youtube, oh dear...we had a gd laugh nd clares daddy treated us some toast wif cheese nd sum salad, yum~ 
oh, nd some reli nice tea called Redbush
nd finished readin my 梦回大清 [meng hui da qing] novel bfore went to bed =]
what a lovely day

got up quite early tdy, whayyyyyy then went to town wif clarey~~~
then to Boots and bank...
OMG...I hate HSBC. Seriously.
put some £££ in and check the balance...WTF!? WHERE'S THE £££ GONE!!!???
went to customer service nd oh yea, they charged me £50 for bloody 'Pre-notified fee & charges'...............@#!"$%^$%*.....
tat's why I hate 'em. they jz randomly charge ppl £ for stupid stuff-___- so I had to ring em URGHHH


then went to TOPSHOP nd bought a Light Pink Tiered Peterpan Collar Blouse. ♥ it.
also applied for a TOPSHOP card plus 10% student discount! all I need to do is jz pay off the minimum amount end of each month so hooray~don't hv to pay it immediately =D

remember the promise we made Sylvia?
get each other clothes tat u think will suits em so I'm goin to bring u to TOPSHOP's flagship store in London dear

met Clare then off to Zara [most of my clothes are from Zara, LOVE EM!!!♥]
didn't get anythin tho bt saw a reli nice heels from Trafaluc for jz £9.99 =D
course, I didn't get it nd nor do Clare =[

Time to go home


Monday, 21 February 2011

newbie Jo here

well...what shall I say, hmm...I guess I'll just hv to introduce myself cuz tat's wt u do when u first met ppl, rite? =P

I'm Joan~ [hey peeps =P~~~] and I'm from KL, Malaysia. Been livin in Oxford, UK since 2003 to study and I'm goin to uni in Sept this year!! Hope I can get into London College of Fashion...*praying...actually LCF is my only hope [prob, I guess lol] cuz been rejected by two unis...not gona tell u guys the name of the uni, let's jz keep it secret...*ouch...why? I've no idea and cnt b bothered to contact them jz for the reason why cuz they're nt goin to offer me anyway after tat~ so why bother? Let's get bk to the main point, sorrrrryyyyyyyy~~~~

and yeah...I'm chinese, a MBC [Malaysian Born Chinese]. In England, ppl always get confused bout my identity...they would ask 'are you chinese? japanese? or korean? or...???' OR when u tell them you're from Malaysia, they're like:
A: ok, so you're malaysian 
me: yes, but also chinese
A: ...but u jz said ur malaysian?
me: yea, malaysian chinese [lol]
A: so you're malay? [or 马来妹-by wt most HK ppl called us lol]
me: ...I'm not malay or 马来妹!!! I'm jz chinese tats born in malaysia, like BBC [British Born Chinese]. got it?
A: yea!
me: [finally =D]

No offence here I hv to say! =P I actually feel quite funny about tat lol~ makes me feel bit special at some point...soz, I knw I'm a bit narcissism...and I'm so proud too when ppl said tat malaysians can speak lots of diff languages>< HOORAY~~~=D
Anyway...jz some genereal info here bout myself =]
I hv an older bro, he's workin at malaysia nw...leavin me by myself here nd noone will play PS with me anymore, sob* =[ I miss him so much...nd my grandparents too [my mother's side]!! I hvnt seen them since 2005 [gosh, tat's bloody 6 years nw...!!]...cnt go bk YET due to our credentials cuz it's nt done yet blah-di-blah...I'd go crazy soon if I didnt go bk!! In fact, I AM crazy already =[ =[ =[ Miss my primary school frens so much, some I hvnt seen since 2003!! So Sorry, miss u guys...*sob
huh...tat's a long intro...mainly jz bullshittin ><

well, nice to meet u guys and hv a nice day! 
J xxx