Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Giorgio Armani x Yves Saint Laurent

i'm back again BloggerZzz! 
how ya all doin!?
today I'm just going to do a review about two of my favourite foundations

Giorgio Armani - Designer Lift
Yves Saint Laurent - Teint Radiance

Yesterday, I went to the House Of Fraser store@WESTFIELD [Shepherd's Bush] to look for a new foundation cuz mine's runnin out...
have absolutely no idea which brand/ foundation I should get duhh 0_0*
and I remembered D&G launched a new cream foundation so I thought I'd have a look at the counter BUT GOD KNOWS how I can get those two brands mixed up ==! -Giorgio Armani & Dolce & Gabbana
[blame the red lips =P]

then of course
I tried the foundation on! =D
I never thought a foundation could make you look so good [I mean the skin appearance =P]
I looked so flawless!
dark circle+spots were gone
VERY even skin tone and looks silky smooth with extra glow [without looking/ feeling oily]
super light!

photo not edited but still looking good, right...? ♥
hehe =D
a big THANK YOU to Eoin who did my makeup!

Step 1: Remove my makeup by using their makeup remover
Step 2: Apply Toner
Step 3: Apply Primer - this is so important especially for those who uses a lot of makeup as it creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup/ pollution/ UV etc. You can also apply primer on even without makeup!
Step 4: Apply Designer Lift Foundation with their 100% natural hair brush [so soft ♥]
Step 4: Apply Liquid Concealer to cover any blemishes [or dab some of your foundation will also do the same job too!]
Step 5: Apply your favourite Blusher 
and Tadaaaa~~~

So gona get their primer and brush cuz err...I need them!
I usually apply foundation with my hands so I don't think that's hygienic enough LOL
even though I cleanses my face 2-3 times a day, I still get spots and blackheads!
I think it's because I never use primer so no matter how many times I clean my face, some of the dirts still get the chance to clog up my pores :(

let's talk about my previous fav foundation - the Teint Radiance ♥
I like the freshness of this foundation and I guess it's better to use it during winter cuz it's a bit richer than GA's Designer Lift
the coverage is quite good and it gives you a really natural look 
it's not cakey [yay!] and makes you feel comfortable all day long
the lifetime of the foundation are shown below the bottle [usually 12 months?] but I've no idea how long I've been using mine...better keep checking or note it down next time! =P

Foundations lasts a long time so I'm really looking forward to start using my new foundation now!

Laterz people

P.S. For more information, check it out on the links below ;)

Sunday, 4 September 2011

♥ buttercup cake shop ♥

it's cupcakes time!

went to Westfield the other day
and cuz I'm hungry [and I saw buttercup cupcake store just RIGHT THERE!]
so I've decided to treat myself a cupcake!

Mine's Pistachio Flavour
nom nom

the icing was incredibly sweet I gotta say
[even though I have a sweet tooth]
so...I removed all the icing on the top
[sorry icing lovers!]
but the cake itself was yummy♥

was chatting with the cupcake sales girl Lisa there
she was very nice and she gave me another free cupcake!
[then ended up exchanging our phone no. haha]

I don't live in London so if anyone wants to get their cupcakes 
just visit their website to check their locations :)

P.S. that's the free cupcake I've got! lovely too but I've no idea what the flavour is teehee =P

enjoy peeps

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

a place that I longing to visit

the grandeur still cannot replace the vicissitudes of the city
may the city lasts forever

which location will be your favourite vacation?


trust is tattered
or is it just us being silly
so that you have the chance to exploit us upon the trust of your loved ones?

does that apply to you?
or you just going to deepen your sin?

would it be too late for you to regain your consciousness
I wonder

you have destroyed our believe in trust
for life

but we won't be dispirited

we will yearn towards the light
whilst you staying in the dark

may you achieve what's supposed to belong to you
sooner or later
everyone will see

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


it's my 20th birthday yesterday
(yes........the 2-0-th........sob*)
so I've decided to go to London with my parents wuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuu^^
London here I come!
(gona re-celebrate mi buffday with my frens someday hehe)

we went to Westfield/ Covent Garden & Chinatown
I love visiting vintage markets (especially Portobello!) cuz you'll never know what lovely stuff you can get
*love surprises hehe*
went to Jubilee Market @ Covent Garden and I found this really cute French Rose Porcelain=D

looks well with the Egg Case I bought from V&A rite?
I'm deeply in love with the 3 apps for editing picX!
Pudding Camera
(Pudding C is in Korean so I just click on the symbols I know, gotta experience something 'new' rite? XP)
Vignette Demo

then we went to Chinatown 
(cuz mi Papa wants to get a hair cut~)
was a bit curious when we saw a crowd surrounding a stall...then Ohhh~~~
try to guess what I saw!
and...what I've got teeheee


I've got my Chinese name 'written'!
they also do English alphabets and all sorts of drawings
(e.g. like mine-Chinese Peonies/ Dragon/ Phoenix/ Gold Fish/ Other flowers & plants etc)
you can also choose any colour or just basicly, anything you want!
I want mine in Pink/ Purple & Blue...a(nd the oldman next to me said mine's not nice...the other one's nicer...)
here's the close ups!

the letter above is my Chinese surname 黄(Huang) and the two below is my name 睿荋(Rui Er)

miss Malaysian food so much so I wanted to have our din at Rasa Sayang@Chinatown
craving once they food came so...forgot to take pics!
and we also had Waffle+Gelato at Scoop (Covent Garden) before we head to Chinatown
they don't hv macaroons =[

mi Papa had a plain Waffle so no pic taken wahaha! XD
I had Waffle with two scoops of Ananas (Pineapple) & Green Tea flavour Gelato

bought a pair of black tights from COS

before we go back, we went to Ming Ban to get some snacks

my beloved Pocky (or Pepero) in Matcha flavour

the snack on the right is made by Hawthorn 
it's one of my childhood snacks
sometimes it's not just the taste that you miss, it's the memories that it gives you
even my parents have eaten this Hawthorn snack when they're still a kid!
we have no idea how many years this lil snack has been around for

I wore fake eyelashes but just on the end bit cuz it's too tiring to wear the whole pair=P
and didn't wear any contacts, still haven't get used to it =[
dyed my hair tho!
it's Pure Brown (50) from L'Oreal Paris Sublime Mousse
trying to dye my hair darker now...I don't really want to dye my hair, it's not good =[
(who asks me to have grey hair since I'm 15? *sob)

Yay~My hair looks dark here^^

I want my face to be less chubby:(
preferably like the one above wakaka!!!

Bye Bye London

Have a nice holiday peeps

Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Summer/ Autumn♥

hey peeps, how ya all been doin?
it's boiling here in uk [except today cuz it's rainin! cool off the heat yeaaaah...=P]
okay...I'm goin to write quite a long post tdy so be patient =]

the A/W 11 trends have landed!
although it's still 'summer' now bt I'm startin to invest in some new stable pieces to my wardrobe
...muahaha XD

did some research from the mags & sites and am lovin the 'tomboy' trend [a la Paul Smith]♥

*photo taken from Glamour magazine August issue*

also love this dress from DKNY
Alexa Chung wore a similar dress seen at Elle Magazine [forgot which issue ><]

definately getting the Miss Selfridge version!
waiting for it to go on rack/ online wuw♥♥♥

*MissSelfridge.com-A/W 11 LOOKBOOK*

bought a blazer from Zara!!! =D ♥
but duhh...gotta wait till the weather turns a bit cold to wear it =[

*Zara Double-Breated Blazer £49.99*

went to London on 1/8 (Mon) with mi babe Janice
had a really nice day and it's boiling! 
gotta take off my COS shirt and change into the COS dress I bought for my birthday hehe♥
 places we went: M&Ms world [Leicester Square]/ Covent Garden/ Chinatown & Harrods

*M&Ms Peanut Chocos♥*

*Me in Covent Garden H&M Fitting Room* 
*Sheer Blouse £14.99 & 3D Flower Skirt £10.00 (On Sale)*
[I didn't buy anything from H&M, spent too much=P]

*COS Jersey Dress £45.00*

love the simplicity of the dress
I'll team it with a pair of Heeled Ankle Boot...hmm...sourcing sourcing*
♥♥COS quality is always amazing, love you♥♥
wish there's a COS store in Oxford though =[
that also means my purse will be...err...y' know? 

well, bagged 2 bargains today hehe^^
red stripy espadrille from Primark for only £1 [although the price tag says £3]!
yea...need some new flat shoes cuz all my ballet pumps have holes and it soaks EVERYTIME when it rains [e.g. today T___T huhhh...cold feet shiverrrrr*]
seems like I need to reheel and resole my shoes otherwise I'll need to get some new ones again

*Primark Red Stripe Espadrille £1*

I must say these espadrille is really comfy though, totally worth the price!
there's a range of colours to choose from, lovely♥
also love the navy stripe too
imma stripe-holic XP

*ZARA Studded Strappy Sandal £19.99 (On Sale)*

I'm a bit confused about the price of this sandal cuz on the price tag it says the original price was £39.99
but on their website it's a non-sale item which is £19.99@@
a well
I'm gona wear them on my birthday^^

okay, I'm gona get bk to work now!
have a nice summer peeps

Saturday, 16 July 2011


to forget & to give love hope

wish you were here :)

my last dream